• Cofruid’Oc,
    producers of true flavour

  • Cofruid’Oc,
    truly dedicated producers

  • Cofruid’Oc,
    producers of true flavour

Delicious flavours
are all about respect.


« Like people
Nature is at her best
when she is shown respect.»

Jean Nougaillac
President of Cofruid’Oc

We believe that respect
is the very source of quality.


We get up every day to meet new challenges, with the sole objective of offering the world the very best of what nature can make, under the best conditions.

Respect for the environment, ecosystems, biodiversity; Respect for nature’s rhythms and cycles for a fully ripe harvest; Respect for commitments, respect for producers united in the fairness of a cooperative they created; Respect for consumers who place their trust in wholesome goodness; Respect for those who work with us every day.

Production platform:
the focus of much attention

From the orchard to the customer’s fruit basket, respect means everything to Cofruid’Oc.

The devoted attention with which the producers care for their fruit right from the very beginning, until its final sale.

Picked carefully by hand, each piece of fruit is then transported, stored, packed and shipped with the same utmost care.

We take every step to meet the expectations of the people who will enjoy our fruit, through the efficiency of our equipment, our constant vigilance, the know-how of our dedicated men and women and the continuous optimization of our tools and organisation.

The loyalty and trust of consumers and of our customers around the world, as well as the very large number of certifications and accreditations that continuously reward our work, give meaning and value to what we undertake.

Cultivating excellence, exceeding expectations
for flavour

A committed cooperative, Cofruid’Oc cooperates with nature with the greatest respect to offer consumers fruits and vegetables full of true flavour.

We select varieties that are capable of expressing their optimal taste in the Mediterranean region. Its mildness is ideal for early-season apples, such as Reines des Reinettes®, or late-season apples, such as Granny Smith, Pink Lady® and Joya®. Our temperate climate enables us to grow the widest range. In this exceptional Petite Camargue region of France, everyone appreciates the richness and sensitivity of the natural environment. As early as 1993, all of our producers joined a continuous improvement process that has become the Southern Nature Charter (Charte Sud Nature). Observing and knowing our environment, developing new skills to value and protect biodiversity, sharing knowledge and involving everyone: these are all part of our full commitment to the “Vergers Eco-Responsables” (Eco-Friendly Orchards) accreditation.

When it comes to flavour, we strive to exceed expectations by focusing on the goodness of nature and letting it take its course.

We pick our fruit carefully, by hand, going through several times and picking only the fruit that’s ripe, so it has all the time it needs to develop its aromas. We pack the harvested fruit with the greatest care.

Thanks to this dedication to a job well done, we are constantly seeking to improve, while respecting the equilibrium of the plant, the environment, taste and value. We want to offer the best, with all the modesty that comes with working with nature. We are proud to showcase our dedication to the people who are going to enjoy our fruits, by labelling each piece of fruit with our logo and our brands.

Pink Lady®
Reine des reinettes®
Célestine® Asparagus
Tasty Granny®
Cueillette du chef®
Other fruits

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