Production platform:
the focus of much attention

Dedicated people and high-performance equipment, in tune with the world…

The dedicated attention that our producers pay to their orchards extends to the packing station, where the fruit is readied for consumers, both local and worldwide. Once again, the key word is respect.

Respect for the producers work means ensuring that every step is taken to protect the quality of the fruit that the producers have pampered in the orchards, all the way to the hand of the person who eats it.

Respect for the producers means ensuring that the values of fairness and solidarity on which the cooperative is based provides everyone with a fair return for the quality of their harvest, through payment based exclusively on quality.

Respect for customers and consumers means ensuring that every order, every package, is prepared with the utmost care.

Cofruid’Oc uses high-performance equipment, both for storage and packing. Significant investments are made every year: respect for the integrity of the fruit and optimisation of working conditions are sought constantly.

But the equipment would be nothing without the know-how of the people running it. More than one hundred people are mobilised every year to select and pack the harvest and prepare the orders.

The business retains its natural seasonality; it is a highly appreciated source of employment with an ability to integrate, train and teach responsibility for the long term. Thanks to the quality of its people and equipment, its products and production methods and the high professional standards of its organisation, Cofruid’Oc has one of the broadest ranges of certifications and accreditations.

The fruits and vegetables of Cofruid’Oc are enjoyed by the consumers of 40 countries around the world, on every continent.
With the objective of full integration, Cofruid’Oc is committed to Social Responsibility.

Equipment and an organisation focused on the quality of the service and the product

• A functional, modern packing station certified to the highest market standards: BRC and IFS certification

• HACCP system (food safety)

• Traceability from the orchard to the shelf and quality tracking of the batches in real time

• Continuous adaptation to the needs of the market: new packing chain, new controlled atmosphere chambers

• Reinforcement of quality control: improvement of harvest management, analysis of preservation potential, storage / clearance plan

• Consumer unit packaging line: trays, bags and pouches.


in the production areas: Saint-Just, Lunel Viel, Bollène, Manosque, Pont–Saint Esprit, Aigues-Mortes (Asparagus)
20,000 TONS
of storage capacity
Packing capacity:
8 packing LINES
Certifications/accreditations: BRC, IFS, Bio, Tesco Nurture, Albert Heijn, Leaf, Field to Fork, FQC, Mon Marché Plaisir, etc.
Sales in 40 countries, including 10% outside of Europe
Latest-generation MAF apple pre-sizing line: 48 channels, HD cameras, internal vision, 24 tons/hour
Own or shared brands, quality accreditations: Cofruid’Oc, Reine des Reinettes Gourmande®, Chantecler Gourmande®, Tasty Granny®, LEGEND®, Joya®, Pink Lady®, Celestine®, Sauvageonne®.
commercial subsidiary of Cofruid’Oc
Complementary distribution, between the domestic and export markets
of Cofruid’Oc, as well as the production of partner companies
€30 million
30,000-35,000 tons of produce
Pink Lady®, Tasty Granny®, Reine des Reinettes Gourmande®, Joya®, Sauvageonne®, Célestine® Authentic Camargue asparagus