« We were looking for an apple unequalled in robustness and extraordinarily sweet. And Nature gave us Legend®. »

LEGEND® embodies the Story-Inored variety in a new symbolic representation: the Dragon, the keeper of the apple tree in the Garden of the Hesperides. A legendary creature associated with numerous virtues: life force, fertility, regeneration, courage, gentleness and wisdom. This is the image that we have chosen to symbolise our new apple, the LEGEND®.

Grown in the mild Mediterranean climate, at the heart of the protected areas of the Camargue region in France, this new apple, almost completely red, has all the qualities of the iconic apple:

• The bright colour of the apples in the picture books of our childhoods.

• Long-lasting crispness, thanks to its natural preservation qualities after harvest.

• The sweet, very intense taste of an apple that can be left for a long time on the tree before being picked.

• Skin with good resistance to handling, making it a great travel companion, ready for adventure.

• Natural defences against a dreaded pest, scab fungus. A gene that was found in the first apple trees that grew in the Tian Shan Mountains of Kazakhstan, 60 million years ago.

No doubt about it, it’s a legendary apple that is emerging thanks to the enthusiasm of producers who care about the environment and biodiversity in their crops in this ideal location in the South of France. Producers who work diligently with one goal: to offer you the best of nature, under the best-possible conditions.