Our delicious, sun-drenched prunes

Cofruid’Oc prunes come in the TC Sun variety, bringing sun to your tables in September and October.

Easy to digest, the prune contains a special sugar, sorbitol, well known for stimulating the gall bladder.

It has a beneficial effect on the intestines. When the fruit is very ripe, its effect on the intestines is gentle.

The nutritional value of prunes is 46 calories per 100 grams, with 0.70 g of protein, 0.28 g of fat and 11.42 g of carbohydrates.

Our pears

The Guyot pear, a speciality of southeast France, begins the pear season, which then continues with the almighty Williams pear.

The pear is one of the least allergenic foods, very digestible, excellent for the intestinal transit, a very good appetite suppressant and a great non-fattening snack, perfect for a balanced diet. You can feel good about eating a fine pear at the end of a meal, because it will help you maintain a well-balanced diet.

It contains no sodium, which is especially beneficial for people on sodium-free diets.

The carbohydrates are mainly composed of fructose.

The nutritional value of pears is 58 calories per 100 grams, with 0.38 grams of protein, 0.12 grams of fat and 15.46 grams of carbohydrates.

Our apricots

Located in the Gard, an early-harvest area, the well-known apricot varieties are selected for great taste and quality (Orangered®, Bergarouge®, etc.).

Ripe apricots are very easy to digest. The fibres and pectin contained in apricots are well tolerated by fragile intestines. It is an alkalinising fruit that is nutritious, invigorating and refreshing.

Apricots are rich in beta carotene (provitamin A). This is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from damage caused by the air and the sun, and boosts the body’s natural defences.

Its sugar is easy to assimilate and low in calories.

The nutritional value of apricots is 48 calories per 100 grams, with 1.40 g of protein, 0.39 g of fat and 11.12 g of carbohydrates. 2 g of fibre.

Apricots can be used in beauty treatments, as their pulp is a good cleanser. A crushed apricot applied to the face tightens up the pores and revitalises the skin.